Professionalization Courses in Baku, Azerbaijan and Sétif, Algeria

In the framework of the PRaNet project, the partner universities design and implement each year specific professionalization courses offered in Sétif and Baku, targeting, through an international perspective, local institutional stakeholders and civil society. 

The courses have the goal of understanding the problems related to radicalization and the possible ways to give life to inclusion policies, tools and concrete de-radicalization activities, including for example the identification of precise strategies and educational plans for the prevention of radicalization and to address the issues related to returnees.

The professional training courses are structured on a total of 120 hours of education activities offered both by the University of Bergamo and the local partner university, Sétif 2 University and ADA Universtity. The contents and modalities of these activities are agreed between the partners, in order to adapt them to the specific needs of the territory, taking into account the experiences and guidelines of the resolutions of the European Parliament and of any national laws and programs of de-radicalization and inclusion.

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