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PraNet, Prevention of Radicalisation Network

Content and structure

The Master program in “Prevention and fight against radicalization, terrorism and for international integration and security policies” is a post-graduate course lasting one year, aimed at creating the professional skills necessary for those who want to address the issues related both to the study, development and evaluation of social policies for interreligious and intercultural integration, and to the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism, including through the study and application of methods of de-radicalization and counter-terrorism strategies.



Type of course: Post-graduateentirely ONLINE

Type of degree: II Level (Post-graduate) Master Degree issued by University of Bergamo

Requirement for enrollment: Master’s Degree in relevant field

Duration: 1 year equal to 1.535 hours:

395 hours of training in distance learning 

425 hours of internship/research project

540 hours of individual study

175 hours of final thesis preparation

University credits: 60 university credits

 Language: English

When: August 2020 – September 2021 (III Online Edition – ongoing)

Next (IV) Online Edition: Autumn, 2021 (expected) 



Is this Master Programme for you?

The course, through a multidisciplinary approach, aims to offer to GRADUATE STUDENTS solid political, legal, social and operational skills, in order to better understand the articulated dynamics of the birth, growth and development of terrorist phenomena, the causes leading to individual radicalization and the consequent subversive strategies implemented by different groups. The Master also aims to provide specific skills for the development of policies of de-radicalization and social inclusion, which can be implemented at national, intercultural and inter-religious level, as main instruments for combating terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism.


Professional opportunities

  • Central public bodies
  • International organisations
  • National and international research centers (public and private)
  • Non-governmental and no-profit organizations;
  • The business world, in the role of corporate security officers;
  • The personnel of the Defense and Police Forces Administration.


The MaRTe Master programme is sponsored within the framework of the PRaNet project (Prevention of Radicalisation Network) financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research within the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ 2017/2020 “Strategy for the promotion abroad of the Italian higher education program”.


Call for application 2020 (expired)

Master MaRTe Online Edition Call For Application AZERBAIJAN

Master MaRTe Online Edition Call For Application ALGERIA


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