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University of Bergamo, Italy

It was 1968 when, the University, originally named “The Institute of Foreign Languages and Literature” was founded. The Campus of Economics and Law, Campus of Humanities and Campuses of Engineering are now part of one design, which represents an invitation: to believe in a daily link with the city and its territory, its history, its culture.
With a number of currently enrolled students amounting to over 20.000, the University of Bergamo contributes also to the cultural, social and economic progress of the territory. Today, the University and the territory appear to be indeed a mutual source of nourishment, an essential and vital bond, while the international dimension of the University is being increasingly and better enhanced.

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ADA University, Baku – Azerbaijan

ADA University was established under the decree dated January 13th, 2014, by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The University is a state higher education institution engaged in the delivery of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in addition to the advancement of research.
The University is the legal heir of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) and Information Technologies University. They were merged in January 2014 to establish ADA University.
Founded on March 6, 2006, the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy began offering an Advanced Foreign Service Program to diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and civil servants in the government, as of January 2007. The Academy launched its first master degree in September 2009, followed by bachelor degrees in September 2011.

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Université University Mohamed Lamine Debaghine de Sétif 2, Sétif – Algeria

University Sétif 2 was created by the Executive Decree No. 404-11 which was dated on Moharem 3rd, 1433 corresponding to November 28th, 2011. The legal establishment should not hide the fact that it was born from another old university aged 35 years, which is the University of Ferhat Abbas, divided by that date, to two universities, Sétif 1 and Sétif 2. The creation of a university of human and social sciences has very important consequences. The most important one is to give an opportunity to those sciences to develop and allow them to play their own roles in this new social reality constantly renewed on the local or global level.
Inaugurated by President Abdul Aziz Bouthefliqua on the commemoration of May the 8th events (of the year 2011), with 10,000 pedagogical seats, the university has been established in the high plain of El Hidhab.

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