MaRTe Alumni Network

Master MaRTe Alumni Network


Within the framework of the project PRaNet (Prevention of Radicalisation Network), it is now established the Master MaRTe Alumni Network. The objective is to create a community of graduates who will contribute to the development of an international network of professionals, practitioners and fellow students for reciprocal exchange of knowledge, support, initiatives, expertise and experiences.

Goals of the MaRTe Alumni Network

  • To keep fellow students connected in a virtual global network of Alumni that can cooperate and support each other
  • To further develop the internationalisation of the Master MaRTe program, with services such as lectures and guest participation in seminars, training programmes and conferences organised in the upcoming editions
  • To strengthen the promotion of a holistic perspective based on multilateral cooperation in the fight against violent extremism and in countering radicalisation.


In order to promote cooperation, connection and networking, fellow students will be offered within the Alumni Network support, career coaching, training programmes such as executive professionalisation courses, and up-to-date information on the newest developments in the field of terrorism studies and violent extremism phenomena worldwide.


Social media such as the Facebook page Master MaRTe Alumni and LinkedIn networking are crucial hubs for inter-connection and exchange among fellow students. News, events, conferences, updates on the academic programs, job postings are also available in the MaRTe Alumni Newsletters. Connect with the network on the official Facebook page Master MaRTe Alumni !


Master MaRTe Alumni Ambassadors


The alumni Network relies on the MaRTe Alumni Ambassadors, fellow students that provide a bridge between the Network and all the fellow and prospective students and interested stakeholders.


MaRTe Alumni Ambassadors


Aydan Ismayilova (Azerbaijan)

Aydan, from Baku, studied International Relations and Diplomacy in her home town where she had obtained both Bachelor and Master degrees. She started a professional career by joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan as an intern followed by the Administration of Baku Old City where she worked in the International Relations department and was directly involved in the delivery of major cultural events and festivals in the Old City as well as working closely with UNESCO (Baku Old City is UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000). She has worked as Venue Manager for Organizing Committees of two biggest multi-sports events in Azerbaijan so far: 1st ever European Games (2015) and 4th Islamic Solidarity Games (2017). International relations, security and geopolitics were always her passion and therefore she decided to pursue Master’s degree from University of Bergamo’s MaRTe Program delivered within PraNET project, from which she graduated cum laude in November 2019. After the graduation she established her own event project management company and is currently working as a consultant in the event industry. She also holds an MBA degree from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and PMP certificate from Project Management Institute.



Hayet Bourki (Algeria) 

 Hayet is a passionate Algerian student, awarded an international scholarship for the Master MaRTe program at the University of Bergamo in 2018/2019, where she successfully defended her thesis and obtained a 110/110 cum laude final grade. Her experiences in the domain of teaching, tutoring and designing English language courses in her motherland are completed by a wide expertise in communication and international environments, in particular as a former ambassador of an international NGO. She is currently persuing her Ph.D studies at the University of Jean Jaurès in Toulouse, France.




Pietro Orizio (Italy)

 Pietro is a freelance journalist from Brescia, Northern Italy. He regularly writes on Private Military & Security Companies, Terrorism and Defence for “Analisi Difesa.” He has also written articles for the journals Limes, Rivista Militare and Rassegna Carabinieri.
After graduating in International Management from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, he worked as an intern at The Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations, in New York. There he dealt with International Terrorism, Transnational Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking. He also attended a specialization course from Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla in Analysis of Jihadi Terrorism, Insurgencies and Radical Movements. In 2019 he successfully completed his master’s degree in Prevention and fight against Radicalization, Terrorism and for International Integration and Security Policies (Marte). He carried out a research project on terrorism and radicalization in his hometown, Brescia whose results have been collected in the book “The terrorism in Brescia after 9/11. A mapping of radicalisation and prevention in the city and in the province”.


Roberto Memme (Italy) 

 Roberto Memme graduated in 2018 in Human Rights and Ethics of International Cooperation at the University of Bergamo. His master’s thesis “The process of political-religious radicalization in the Caucasus and the case-study of the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia” was awarded by the leaders of the Italian intelligence for the research work carried out on the field. Indeed, in 2015 he carried out research on behalf of the European Center for Minority Issues – Caucasus in Tbilisi (Georgia) focused on the impact of public policies on interethnic relations in different regions of the Caucasian republic. Since 2017 he has been contributing to and directing the online blog “Leggerò Leggero. Notes of International Cooperation”, coordinating the work of alumni from various Italian universities. He graduated cum laude in 2019 in the Master MaRTe, in “Prevention and contrast to radicalization, terrorism and for policies of integration and international security” at the University of Bergamo. He is currently working as Vice-President at the NGO “ADL Zavidovici Onlus”, where he coordinates the team of the SIPROIMI / SAI project of the Italian Ministry of the Interior for the reception of refugees and asylum seekers in Brescia. Roberto is author of the book “The terrorism in Brescia after 9/11. A mapping of radicalisation and prevention in the city and in the province”.


Master MaRTe Director

The Alumni Network is promoted and directed by the Master MaRte Program Director, prof. Michele Brunelli.

Michele Brunelli is Professor of History and Institutions of Muslim and Asian Societies and of History and Institutions of Africa, and Director of the II Level Master in Prevention and contrast to radicalization, terrorism and for policies of integration and international security (MaRTe) at the University of Bergamo. He is also a professor of History of Civilizations and Political Cultures at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Brescia.

Former researcher of the Study Group on Arms and Disarmament (GSAD) and collaborator of the Joint Research Center on Transnational Crime (TRANSCRIME) of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, in 2016 he was responsible for the training and teaching course on the phenomena of Islamic terrorism and radicalization processes for the Provincial Carabinieri Headquarters of Bergamo and Brescia. Research manager in various European projects, developed within the TEMPUS and Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) programs, today he manages international projects in Azerbaijan, Algeria and Burkina Faso. Among these projects, in particular, in the field of preventing radicalization and social inclusion, he is following the Création de Capacités Institutionnelles d’Intégration des Réfugiés dans l’Enseignement Supérieur (CI-RES) project, in collaboration with the Algerian University of Sétif 2, the Université Pantheon – La Sorbonne (France) and the Universidad de La Rioja (Spain).

In Burkina Faso, with the NGO MLAL-Progetto Mondo di Verona, he collaborates in the realization of a project for the prevention of indigenous violent extremism and for the development of policies to promote the participation of civil society in democratic renewal. Since 2018 he has been responsible for the international project PRaNet – Prevention Radicalization Network, funded by MIUR, in collaboration with Algeria and Azerbaijan and which provides, in addition to research activities, also the planning and implementation of professionalizing courses for security and of local civil society.

His research interests are located within history, international relations and geopolitics of the Near and Middle East, the Persian Gulf and the Caucasus, with particular reference to issues such as security, regional stability, transnational crime, terrorism and the consequent impacts on European and national security. He collaborates with various international journals, including Jane’s Intelligence Review and Urban History. Former president of the Caspian Studies Center (2016-2020), for which he followed the economic, political and geostrategic issues of the region, since 2020 he has chaired the Study Center on Azerbaijan and the Leon Batista Alberti Association in Turin.

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